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Prescription and
OTC Drug Contract

Whether you need to manufacture prescription drugs or over the counter (OTC) drugs, PureTek Corporation is a Prescription and OTC drug contract manufacturer you can rely on. We operate a drug licensed, cGMP- and FDA-compliant facility.

We provide prescription and OTC drug manufacturing for companies of all sizes in the pharmaceutical and health and wellness industries.* Our clients include big pharma, smaller generic drug companies, wholesale drug distributors, and everything in between.

Industrial Mixing Machine

As an OTC and Prescription drug contract manufacturer, our services are designed to help you produce prescription drugs and OTC drugs under your brand, where there is no room for error. That’s why we do it all for you, including:

  • Strategic Product Planning
  • R&D Product Engineering
  • Process Validation
  • Lab Testing
  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Packaging and Labeling
  • Shipping and Handling and Order Fulfillment

All of these are services to maintain and improve your product’s quality and consistency. We simplify the entire process by handling everything from start to finish.

Why PureTek?

There are many factors that go into manufacturing prescription drugs. Here are some of the major advantages Puretek offers:

  • cGMP and FDA-compliant facility. Our facility is an FDA-Regulated, Drug Licensed facility, and NSF certified.
  • Process validationWe provide quality assurance on all orders. Consistency matters and we validate all batch sizes.
  • Several dosage methods. Prescription drugs can be manufactured in liquid, cream, tablet, or in two-piece hard-shell capsules.
  • High production capacity. We serve clients of all sizes. Companies like yours can rely on our scalable output.
  • Reliable service. Your time matters to us and we go above and beyond to deliver on that promise.
  • Packaging and labeling. There’s no need to outsource your packaging and labeling. We can do it all in-house for you.

Your company can rest assured knowing that we will produce the same consistent results your customers demand.

Make PureTek Your Prescription &
OTC Drug Contract Manufacturer

PureTek is the logical choice for to manufacture your OTC and prescription drug products. Our facility has been in operation since 1991, and we’ve designed our facilities and processes to serve companies like yours.

If you are looking for a OTC or prescription drug contract manufacturer that delivers on quality contact PureTek today at (818) 837-5880. We are your direct access to consistent, scalable production that you can rely on.

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