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Our Brands

PureTek Health and
Wellness Brands

PureTek Corporation offers a wide variety of health and wellness products that are designed to improve your health, skin, and more. From wound care to dry skin, our products are guaranteed to satisfy your customer’s needs.

We have spent years researching and developing an exciting line of products and building brands around these products. Our notable brands such as Body Essence, PharmaPure, L’Essence de Boshea, Pure Alaska Omega Salmon Oil, and DermacinRx are separately found in Walmart, Costco, and other retailers.

All of these products are available for sale in your retail locations, providing you with several products that can solve the problems your customers are experiencing.

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A Look at Our Brands

PureTek is more than just a contract manufacturer in the personal care, supplement and prescription & OTC drug industries. We also work closely with retailers looking for new branded and private label products to add to their stores. Here are a few of the brands we offer:

DermacinRX Packaging

DermacinRX (Perscription Only)

DermacinRX is a line of products conveniently designed and packaged to address wound care, pain, inflammation, allergies, migraines, and other minor conditions. DermacinRX allows your customers to purchase a convenient kit that includes everything they need to treat their condition properly.



PharmaPure is a complete line of vitamins and dietary supplements that PureTek has been producing for over 15 years. Competitive pricing on these products, provides you with an opportunity to make high margins, and to offer the items your customers need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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PureTek is proud to announce the launch of our most exciting and innovative skincare line yet! The first ever, CLINICALLY PROVEN, 100% Vegan multi active skincare line. An entire skincare regimen system designed to be highly effective without any harsh chemicals or animal by-products.

Coming Soon

Source Our Brands Today

If you’re interested in sourcing some of our exciting brands, contact a member of the PureTek team today. We’ve spent decades developing these products to help retailers like you meet the needs of your customers.

Whether you need treatment kits like DermacinRX, or select vitamins and supplements from our PharmaPure line, or anything in between - we have the brands that your customers will love.

Feel free to contact us today by phone at (818) 837-5880 if you have any questions, or if you want to learn more about our brands and how they are a great fit for your company.

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